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February 2017
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The 2017 Relaunch of

Music and sound of the highest quality in the simplest way

Per KiilstoftePer Kiilstofte

In late 2016, I asked myself and Jens, how could we make our website better? There were obvious flaws, like lack of proper mobile support, but I wanted to go further than just fixing the site’s shortcomings. I wanted to deliver a better experience over all as a royalty free music site for content creators, game developers, film makers et al. Our discussions eventually lead us to our new mission statement: To provide music and sound of the highest quality in the simplest way.

It has become the go-to question every time we want to do something new or change things: Is this the simplest way? Can we do better?

The list of major problems with our older site was long, but here are a few key points:

  1. Confusing and somewhat cryptic licensing text and explanation.
  2. Less than optimal user experience, i.e. having to click many, many times to get the music you wanted.
  3. Not fully mobile friendly (also lack of retina support).

So I spent 4 months on/off building a new site from scratch (based on a few frameworks as to not reinvent the wheel) and on the 18th of February, we finally went live.

The new website addresses a lot of the issues we had on the previous site, but of course not everything is absolutely perfect. There will be minor adjustments and fixes here and there, but as an overall experience, I am very happy with the new site and I hope you are too.  🙂


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